Real Live Games

Real Live Games is dedicated to tapping the potential of the energy spent on video games.
We intend to out-compete consumption-only video games.  
Your input is welcome - how well does the following succeed? 

Escapist video games are obsolete.
You think virtual reality is cool?  Wait til you try reality.

Real Live Games have all the adventure - and they interact with 'the real world'.
This is Serious Play.   
(They may have slick graphics and fast action.)
(They may have built-in monetary income streams and accounting systems.)

The computer interface enables modeling and pulling levers, and absorbs research, and is a site for interaction with 'the real world'.
Real Live Games send the player into full dimensional contact.

Turning life into a set of games and sub-games is a double-edged sword - some challenges require more than an arcade-mentality simplification, but most challenges can have accurate models (ideally with real-time data) that are also simple enough to play.  (To be in the flow state, where the challenge is interesting but not intimidating, choose beginner, intermediate or advanced level.)  

Real Live Games transform life so play is productive - they maximize wholistic productivity.
They create success by design - so doing good is inevitable.

"Serious Games" are games for serious purposes - learning through a game format.  
Real Live Games may be far from serious, 
insofar as being playful is the more helpful mode to contend with serious problems.

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